I Always Loved Jesus but the Church Stole Him from Me


By Marvelous Trudeau  In this book, Marvelous Trudeau takes us on a journey through her [...]

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In Search of The Heart, Book 2, The Journey Turns East


By David Bruneau The following is a review of In Search of the Heart, Book [...]

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Their Lives: Marysia and Zygmunt

Their Lives-FrontCover

By Krystyna Laycraft This novel is a touching love story involving two young people in Pre-War [...]

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The Mickelson Clan Family History


By Rick and Ann Mickelson and Karen Severson This book is a family history of [...]

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In Search of The Heart


By David Bruneau This is a story of one person’s struggle to understand this life, [...]

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The Courage to Decide


By Krystyna C. Laycraft, Ph.D. In the book, The Courage to Decide, I’ve presented my [...]

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Crystal Goes to a Soccer Game


By Grace Mickelson “Crystal Goes to a Soccer Game” is Grace Mickelson’s first published work. She [...]

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Jason’s Story

Jasons Story front cover

By Jason Rose This is the story of Jason Rose. It is a tale of tragedy, [...]

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A Journey Through the Lands of Feelings


By Krystyna C. Laycraft The illustrations and stories of the book “A Journey Through the Lands [...]

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Feeling Life, Patterns of Emotions

Front cover

By Krystyna C. Laycraft The book, “Feeling Life,” has emerged through a process of reflective meditation. [...]

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