Louise Beinhauer
Louise is an expert book designer and office administrator.  She produces books, newsletters and publications of the highest quality.  She also serves as an advisor and consultant to writers and publishers.

Krissy Clowe
Krissy is a grade school teacher and published writer.  Her latest book is Katie Ling – Fashion Queen which is a wonderful book for girls aged 4 – 8, full of beautiful illustrations and colourful pictures. She currently resides in Texas.

Louise Eldridge

Louise is a musician, musical composer, teacher, entertainer and events co-ordinator.  She also writes books and makes musical CDs.  She is extremely talented and creative.

Iryna Spica
Iryna is a book designer, book illustrator and writer.  She operates her own book design business in Victoria, BC.  She is a dynamic and creative entrepreneur.

Barbara Julian
Barbara owns the Overleaf Cafe in Victoria and writes wonderful books on animals and nature.  She is also an excellent hypnotherapist and writes reviews that appear on Writers Choice Reviews.

Audrey Mairi
Audrey is a healer, body worker, Trager Practitioner, author, workshop leader, tutor and teacher.  She operates a therapeutic Trager practice in Victoria, BC.

Toni Graeme
Toni Graeme is a writer who has successfully published and marketed two books: (1) ‘Women Who Lived and Loved North of 60′ at and (2) ‘The Father of Canadian Art: Thomas Mower Martin 1838 – 1934′. And recently published a guide called Success Manual For Self-Published Authors.

Pattie Whitehouse
Pattie provides a professional personal history service and works with authors to produce beautifully bound books or audio recordings.

Karen Severson
Karen is a visual artist who has been joyously painting for 30 years. Her work has been featured in many solo and group shows. She lives in Mill Bay, BC. You can view her latest work at or

Esther Hart
Esther inspires people and is an author, speaker, freedom coach and author mentor, encouraging others to trust in their own wisdom.

Krystyna C. Laycraft
Krystyna C. Laycraft, Ph.D. is a physicist, educator and artist. She is currently involved with art, science and teaching. She runs the Center for CHAOS Studies and gives lectures on the applications of Complexity Science in creativity, psychology, neuroscience, and education. For more information on her work and teaching, view the website noted above.