About us

AwareNow Publishing is a division of AwareNow Services and as such expresses the vision of awareness and healing in written form. Our company intends to create books that inspire, entertain and enlighten. Currently we publish books in four different categories: Memoirs, Personal Growth, Children’s Books, and Fiction, and we also help some artist publish Music We encourage you to submit your manuscripts to AwareNow Publishing.

We are an organization dedicated to awareness, healing and peace. Inner awareness is the watching space behind thinking in each one of us. Through developing our own detached, serene observing presence we can experience healing in every aspect of our lives. The vision of AwareNow Publishing is to facilitate healing in individuals through the publishing of inspired books. One manifestation of this healing is the experience of a PEACE that surpasses human understanding and language.

We are currently reviewing manuscripts in all of the following areas:

  • Memoirs,
  • Personal Growth Books,
  • Children’s Books,
  • Fiction.

You can view our published books in the ‘Books‘ section of this website and submit your own manuscripts to:  rick.mickelson@shaw.ca

AwareNow Publishing offers several services to the general public.  These include:
Editing: We will edit your manuscript and make it complete and correct.
Proofreading: We will proofread your manuscript for grammar and style.
Publishing: If your manuscript fits within the vision of AwareNow Services we will publish it.
Marketing: We will work to market and sell your book once it is published.