In Search of The Heart, Book 2, The Journey Turns East

By David Bruneau

The following is a review of In Search of the Heart, Book 2, by Nowick Gray, author of Hunter’s Daughter, PsyBot , My Country, and Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass.

The title of this book is apt, as it conveys in the word Heart two meanings, and two narrative strands. One follows episodes of a spiritual quest to the universal heart of being; and the other concerns encounters with the opposite sex, with opportunities to face the personal heights and depths of human emotion through romantic love and relationships. The narrator guides us effortlessly through both terrains, with an engaging style that reflects a fine-tuned sensitivity of the younger David Bruneau.

Along the way we are gifted with many “meetings with remarkable men” and women, who model, with more or less faithfulness, their high teachings and offices. Krishnamurti and Rajneesh/Osho feature most heavily in this portion of the author’s life, along with a charismatic young spiritual firebrand named Andrew Cohen and the more genteel Douglas Harding. No one, in the end, achieves perfection in this life of challenge and temptation; and the author humbly includes his own shortcomings, fears and questionable decisions, which serve as tests of the principles and realizations he strives to apply in day-to-day life.

The book is rewarding as a rich portrayal of an era, a generation, and one earnest seeker with the freedom and passion to find a meaningful approach to life in the late twentieth century. We care about the narrator in his journey to wholeness, in his successive revelations and romantic inspirations, as well as in the inevitable disillusionments and groundings in personal suffering. Always authentic, the narrator earns our sympathy for the integrity of his efforts to live in the service of truth, and for the grace of the telling of his tale.

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