Wild Blues, Lessons From the Road

By Tasha Waite

At nineteen, Tasha Waite took comfort in not knowing where she would sleep at night.
From weaving through woodsy Ontario in pitch darkness to hitchhiking sunburnt through southern Mexico, Wild Blues is a collection of frightening, enlightening, and amusing tales of a wandering youth. With a decade of hindsight, a straight-forward style complimented by vivid descriptions and an ever-present sense of humour, Tasha extracts from her adventures 19 lessons learned from life on the road.

Encounters with gun-toting Mexican police, a disastrous ride with a diabolical semi driver, a gathering of thirty-thousand hippies in Wisconsin, and a drug trip in the jungles of Chiapas are just a few of the colourful escapades to be found inside. At times lighthearted, at others dark and suspenseful, Wild Blues is a full-spectrum account of the ups and downs of a daring spirit.

Tasha Waite is an emerging writer and artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is now based in Victoria, British Columbia, where she writes a newspaper column on public speaking, among other endeavours. This is her first book.


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