Advance with Lucid Dreaming

By William Moffat 

Easy, Safe, and Proven to Save You Money on Health Care…
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Discover Your Deeper Awareness – Easily

While in a dream, your dream feels real and there are certain times during everyone’s life when waking reality feels dreamlike. Plus, events taking place in either world can be remembered. Furthermore, you have feelings and beliefs during dreams which are as powerful as those here, in waking reality. Dreams and waking reality are alike in other rational ways too.

This book makes clear, how – while asleep – a person can be aware of being in a dream (called lucid dreaming or having lucid awareness). Far-reaching implications involved with attaining lucid awareness are reconciled with accurate interpretation, common sense, and easily proven explanations.

While dreaming, lucid awareness enables you to perceive the whole extent of your dream clearly, through a deeper and truer self – the one who is creating your dream. Afterward, such perception results in your being able to bridge into a lucid thinking mindset when awake.

When awake, lucid thinking delivers new insight, acknowledgment, and acceptance of a profound self here and now, during your waking reality. Discovery of deeper awareness brings you health, safety, and love.

“With rational step-by-step discussion, this philosophical discourse will also help you to grasp easily that which the Buddhist monks and most of our new age self-help books never seem to explain clearly… how to conceptualize your oneness with creation and thereby gain peace of mind with respect to death.”

~ From Advance with Lucid Dreaming

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