Meditation in Motion

There are a million ways to get distracted these days – especially at Christmas. By distracted I mean pulled in all directions, weighed down with demands and stressed out. Is it possible to live in a non-distracted way in these times?  I say “yes”.

One way to get more “present” is to turn some of our activities into meditations. We do this by selecting a task and consciously deciding to enter it deeply–so deeply that our entire attention is focused on the specific steps of the task, as they happen…now.

For example, I have chosen to turn driving into a meditative experience. When I do so, I enter my car as a space of aware presence – not a person. Everything slows down as the mirrors are adjusted and the key is placed in the steering wheel column.  Once the vehicle is moving, the ‘veil of thinking’ that usually exists in the space begins to evaporate.  Consciousness and the car become one.  In this experience, the lights are brighter and the noises louder than usual, but with no invasiveness.  A most definite silence penetrates the environment, along with a profound sense of peace. This is not distracted action. In this joyous cocoon of driving thoughts might arise. Mysteriously, they are often inspired and pertain to the actual driving–to the sequence of events unfolding or the responses that are appropriate in the moment.  Breathing is happening and is noticed.  It becomes an ‘anchor’.  Any loss of awareness is a sign to listen to the breathing again. Driving has now become a sacred and seamless experience of perfection. It is a perfection that is marvelous yet most definitely ordinary. What a delight!

Why can’t we stop the insanity that is happening all around us by turning just about any activity into “meditation in motion”?