Pathway to Presence

By Audrey Mairi

Develop Deeper Connections with Clients, Friends, and Loved Ones

Reach people in a much more meaningful way. Connection is the only real way to make a difference.

The quality of your connection to others mirrors the quality of your connection to the Life Force–the source of life itself, the creative, intelligent, and healing energy within us and all around us. You may call this energy “Source” or “God” or a myriad of other names, but, no matter what you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that this connection is found only in the “Now”, in the “Present Moment.”

Audrey Mairi’s latest work, Pathway to Presence (which is a book combined with meditative audio tracks) provides easy and accessible ways to both intellectually and kinesthetically connect to the present moment.

Experience is the key here.

Audrey wants you to have more than a mere intellectual understanding of this connection. She wants you to experience the feeling of it. And even more than that, she wants you to learn how to unstick yourself from the emotional responses and physical holding patterns of your past stories that arise as you journey through life.

This combo offers effortless, profound techniques to help you transcend suffering and open your life to a gentler, more conscious way of living, guiding you on the path to your increasing empowerment.


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