The Courage to Decide

By Krystyna C. Laycraft, Ph.D.

In the book, The Courage to Decide, I’ve presented my intellectual journey through the theories of many philosophers. During this journey, I’ve contemplated and examined my life through the light of their ideas. This process has given me clarity about decision-making and its importance in our lives.

Through the courage to decide, we’re able to experience freedom, novelty, and understanding. We’re then able to orient ourselves to the future and change our vision into reality. [Read more...]

Jason’s Story

By Jason Rose

This is the story of Jason Rose. It is a tale of tragedy, triumph, rehabilitation and determination.

Jason suffered serious brain injuries in numerous accidents. He doesn’t give in to pain, injury, or failure. Something bigger than all his problems lives within him. He won’t stop working on himself until all of his healing is complete. [Read more...]

Feeling Life, Patterns of Emotions

By Krystyna C. Laycraft

The book, “Feeling Life,” has emerged through a process of reflective meditation. I reflected upon and deeply explored my actions, choices, and decisions. My persistence in the process of understanding, interpreting and evaluating led to the discovery of unexpected and surprising aspects of my life. I discovered a richness of emotions I’d experienced during the significant events in my life and learned how these emotions guided me through complex, difficult and challenging situations. [Read more...]

Advance with Lucid Dreaming

By William Moffat 

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Discover Your Deeper Awareness – Easily

While in a dream, your dream feels real and there are certain times during everyone’s life when waking reality feels dreamlike. Plus, events taking place in either world can be remembered. Furthermore, you have feelings and beliefs during dreams which are as powerful as those here, in waking reality. Dreams and waking reality are alike in other rational ways too.

[Read more...]

Creativity as an Order through Emotions

By Krystyna C. Laycraft, Ph.D.

The book, Creativity as an Order through Emotions, contains five stories involving creative young people. The author analyzes their psychological growth and the role of creativity in their lives.

Creativity has many different functions:

  • Creativity becomes a way to escape from unfriendly or brutal environments.
  • Creativity becomes an outlet for internal tensions and conflicts.
  • Creativity transforms negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Creativity becomes a source of emotions such as interest, joy, acceptance, curiosity, delight, enthusiasm, passion, and love.
  • Creativity generates meaningfulness and purpose.
  • Creativity enhances emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth and leads to good life choices.
  • Creativity promotes the growth of resourcefulness, optimism, confidence and pride.
  • Creativity reinforces sensitivity, not only to human issues but often to wider problems of the natural world. [Read more...]


By Doug Llewellyn

If God Were and Apple Tree by Doug Llewellyn

Are you frustrated because your recovery program is not providing the results you had hoped for. Have you stopped using yet still exhibit the same destructive behaviours as when you were using? Do you want to know the difference between recovering and recovered?

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18 Holes to Your Goals

18 HolesBy Rick Hoogendoorn

This is Rick Hoogendoorn’s second book and is being used as a fundraiser for the Family Caregivers’ Network Society, a British Columbia-based charity that helps people care for their aging adult family members. It is an inspiring work that explains in detail how people can “get on course and stay on course” in their lives. This book reveals a way to become very effective and is a “must read” for anyone striving for success in any area of their life. [Read more...]

Pathway to Presence

By Audrey Mairi

Develop Deeper Connections with Clients, Friends, and Loved Ones

Reach people in a much more meaningful way. Connection is the only real way to make a difference.

The quality of your connection to others mirrors the quality of your connection to the Life Force–the source of life itself, the creative, intelligent, and healing energy within us and all around us. You may call this energy “Source” or “God” or a myriad of other names, but, no matter what you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that this connection is found only in the “Now”, in the “Present Moment.” [Read more...]

Setting Free Your Mind

By Ron Chudley

Setting-free-your-mind-Ron-ChudleyThis book is a toolbox of insights, reducing seemingly intractable problems into clear and understandable form.  The mental processes examined and the solutions offered are logical – often disarmingly simple.  For those who are not sick, merely seeking  a clearer path through the thickets of everyday living, Setting Free Your Mind is a rare set of signposts for the journey. [Read more...]

Permanent Weight Release: a Healing Journey

By Spencer R. Grace In this book the author creates a space for healing in the area of disordered eating. He does not advocate external force, dieting or the use of ‘will power’ in this approach. Rather, he leads the reader to a place where the secret power of inner awareness is discovered in such a way that fundamental eating patterns are transformed. Through ‘consciousness-raising’ and ‘self-awareness’ the reader learns how to release unwanted weight effortlessly.  Exercises, diagrams and journaling pages are all part of this book. [Read more...]