I Always Loved Jesus but the Church Stole Him from Me

By Marvelous Trudeau 

In this book, Marvelous Trudeau takes us on a journey through her spiritual evolution which moves from adherence to strict church doctrines, through her personal growth and experiences with a twelve step program, to the more enlightened approaches to living she now follows.


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In Search of The Heart, Book 2, The Journey Turns East

By David Bruneau

The following is a review of In Search of the Heart, Book 2, by Nowick Gray, author of Hunter’s Daughter, PsyBot , My Country, and Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass.

The title of this book is apt, as it conveys in the word Heart two meanings, and two narrative strands. One follows episodes of a spiritual quest to the universal heart of being; and the other concerns encounters with the opposite sex, with opportunities to face the personal heights and depths of human emotion through romantic love and relationships. The narrator guides us effortlessly through both terrains, with an engaging style that reflects a fine-tuned sensitivity of the younger David Bruneau. [Read more...]

The Mickelson Clan Family History

By Rick and Ann Mickelson and Karen Severson

This book is a family history of the Mickelson Clan. The pivotal characters are Peter and Edith Mickelson, a pioneer couple who married and had seven children that lived into adulthood. Their six living grandchildren and other family members contributed to this history. The intention of the project was to write down stories and facts of our family’s history for our children, before memories start to fade and disappear. It traces many of our relatives and their children. The book was edited and produced by Rick and Ann Mickelson and Karen Severson and designed by Louise Beinhauer. Ideally, this memoir will grow and change over the years as new information is added and new articles created.

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In Search of The Heart

By David Bruneau

This is a story of one person’s struggle to understand this life, to grapple with the challenges of being thrust into this human existence, and to find some kind of meaning and significance in it all.

The author stepped onto his path of self-exploration at a young age and pursued his search with a passion that brought him into contact with spiritual luminaries such as J.Krishnamurti, UG Krishnamurti, Paul Reps, David Bohm, Robin Carlsen, Trungpa Rinpoche, Sri Chinmoy, and others. He relates his experiences with these teachers, with family, friends, and lovers as he explores life in its various dimensions during his first thirty years. It is an absorbing account of a sensitive young being’s sometimes painful process of learning to live as fully and deeply as he can.


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Wild Blues, Lessons From the Road

By Tasha Waite

At nineteen, Tasha Waite took comfort in not knowing where she would sleep at night.
From weaving through woodsy Ontario in pitch darkness to hitchhiking sunburnt through southern Mexico, Wild Blues is a collection of frightening, enlightening, and amusing tales of a wandering youth. With a decade of hindsight, a straight-forward style complimented by vivid descriptions and an ever-present sense of humour, Tasha extracts from her adventures 19 lessons learned from life on the road.

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Black Gold – Golden Life

By Gordon D. Barnes

This work is about Gordon’s remarkable career of over forty years in the petroleum and related industries. His experiences include everything from cleaning the floors in a refinery to overseeing the commissioning of a huge petroleum liquids project in Australia. He has been a lowly employee, a business owner, a cog in the corporate wheel, a private consultant and an innkeeper of sorts.

What has always driven Gordon has been the quest for adventure and challenge. Any time he took a new job, he was excited by the challenge of learning his new responsibilities and then figuring out how to do his job better so that the whole enterprise he was part of became more effective and efficient.

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Join Me In My Travels

By Gordon D. Barnes

This book is the summation of Gordon’s extensive experiences as a “traveler”.  Throughout his life, Gordon demonstrated a habitual desire to travel. “Wanderlust” was present in him from a very early age.

In this work, Gordon writes about his personal travel experiences, observations and opinions. His intention is to offer the reader new insights and perspectives on the world we live in through his travel escapades. Gordon discusses his travels around the world on planes, buses, cars, trains and ships.  While doing so, he describes the people he met and the countries he visited, as well as those who travelled with him.

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Herstory: a Canadian Journey

By Norma I. MickelsonHerStory

This book is the personal memoir of Dr. Norma Mickelson who spent most of her professional life in Education and has been awarded both the Order of BC and the Order of Canada.

The book traces her life from the early years growing up in Victoria, BC, through the Great Depression  and World War 2 to her family life and career successes.

It is a superbly written autobiography which will be of value to anyone interested in local or Canadian history in the twentieth century and beyond. [Read more...]