Their Lives: Marysia and Zygmunt

By Krystyna Laycraft

This novel is a touching love story involving two young people in Pre-War Poland and during the Second World War.

The context of this story delves into the Polish cultural, social and political narratives of those times. [Read more...]

In Search of Sticks

By Randy Kaneen 

A stunningly beautiful novel that weaves two parallel tales of isolation, this is a story of hope amidst tragedy. In a war-torn corner of Africa, Hope battles to retain her soul amidst a landscape of violence. In the rich world, James slowly realizes that the greatest evil is not what’s been done, but what has not been done.

In Search Of Sticks is a powerfully written novel with a theme of social justice woven into it throughout. It is a transformational work. The language is beautiful and the essential truths that appear within the details and its larger context give great pause for thought. Randy Kaneen is a skilled and talented storyteller.

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