Wild Blues, Lessons From the Road

By Tasha Waite

At nineteen, Tasha Waite took comfort in not knowing where she would sleep at night.
From weaving through woodsy Ontario in pitch darkness to hitchhiking sunburnt through southern Mexico, Wild Blues is a collection of frightening, enlightening, and amusing tales of a wandering youth. With a decade of hindsight, a straight-forward style complimented by vivid descriptions and an ever-present sense of humour, Tasha extracts from her adventures 19 lessons learned from life on the road.

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Advance with Lucid Dreaming

By William Moffat 

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Discover Your Deeper Awareness – Easily

While in a dream, your dream feels real and there are certain times during everyone’s life when waking reality feels dreamlike. Plus, events taking place in either world can be remembered. Furthermore, you have feelings and beliefs during dreams which are as powerful as those here, in waking reality. Dreams and waking reality are alike in other rational ways too.

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In Search of Sticks

By Randy Kaneen 

A stunningly beautiful novel that weaves two parallel tales of isolation, this is a story of hope amidst tragedy. In a war-torn corner of Africa, Hope battles to retain her soul amidst a landscape of violence. In the rich world, James slowly realizes that the greatest evil is not what’s been done, but what has not been done.

In Search Of Sticks is a powerfully written novel with a theme of social justice woven into it throughout. It is a transformational work. The language is beautiful and the essential truths that appear within the details and its larger context give great pause for thought. Randy Kaneen is a skilled and talented storyteller.

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Creativity as an Order through Emotions

By Krystyna C. Laycraft, Ph.D.

The book, Creativity as an Order through Emotions, contains five stories involving creative young people. The author analyzes their psychological growth and the role of creativity in their lives.

Creativity has many different functions:

  • Creativity becomes a way to escape from unfriendly or brutal environments.
  • Creativity becomes an outlet for internal tensions and conflicts.
  • Creativity transforms negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Creativity becomes a source of emotions such as interest, joy, acceptance, curiosity, delight, enthusiasm, passion, and love.
  • Creativity generates meaningfulness and purpose.
  • Creativity enhances emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth and leads to good life choices.
  • Creativity promotes the growth of resourcefulness, optimism, confidence and pride.
  • Creativity reinforces sensitivity, not only to human issues but often to wider problems of the natural world. [Read more...]


By Doug Llewellyn

If God Were and Apple Tree by Doug Llewellyn

Are you frustrated because your recovery program is not providing the results you had hoped for. Have you stopped using yet still exhibit the same destructive behaviours as when you were using? Do you want to know the difference between recovering and recovered?

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Butterfly Suite

music by Louise Eldridge

Gentle fibers of sound weave through your consciousness creating lush TAPESTRIES; Beautiful melodies played on acoustic and electronic instruments coloured with light percussion; To relax and rejuvenate.
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Candlelight Christmas

music by Louise Eldridge

In Candlelight Christmas, Louise exquisitely blends a number of our Christmas favorites into flowing compilations. With her distinct piano styling, she instills in your soul the true meaning of Christmas.
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music by Louise Eldridge

In the Mosaic, Louise shares her complex and soulful compositions – music that was inspired by many moving experiences over the last few years. Louise has not only composed the music for Mosaic but has written the instrumentation as well. [Read more...]

Sephora’s Song

by Gini Foley and Louise Eldridge

“Sephora’s Song” is a story about thirteen orphans abandoned, two days before Christmas, by their miserly and cranky Housemother, Miss Irma Crampleton. They also discover that their piggybank, full of Christmas donations, has been stolen (The Piggy-Wiggy Caper). They realize that their dreams for a much anticipated Christmas dinner will not be fulfilled.
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Black Gold – Golden Life

By Gordon D. Barnes

This work is about Gordon’s remarkable career of over forty years in the petroleum and related industries. His experiences include everything from cleaning the floors in a refinery to overseeing the commissioning of a huge petroleum liquids project in Australia. He has been a lowly employee, a business owner, a cog in the corporate wheel, a private consultant and an innkeeper of sorts.

What has always driven Gordon has been the quest for adventure and challenge. Any time he took a new job, he was excited by the challenge of learning his new responsibilities and then figuring out how to do his job better so that the whole enterprise he was part of became more effective and efficient.

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