Candlelight Christmas

music by Louise Eldridge

In Candlelight Christmas, Louise exquisitely blends a number of our Christmas favorites into flowing compilations. With her distinct piano styling, she instills in your soul the true meaning of Christmas.
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music by Louise Eldridge

In the Mosaic, Louise shares her complex and soulful compositions – music that was inspired by many moving experiences over the last few years. Louise has not only composed the music for Mosaic but has written the instrumentation as well. [Read more...]

Sephora’s Song

by Gini Foley and Louise Eldridge

“Sephora’s Song” is a story about thirteen orphans abandoned, two days before Christmas, by their miserly and cranky Housemother, Miss Irma Crampleton. They also discover that their piggybank, full of Christmas donations, has been stolen (The Piggy-Wiggy Caper). They realize that their dreams for a much anticipated Christmas dinner will not be fulfilled.
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Black Gold – Golden Life

By Gordon D. Barnes

This work is about Gordon’s remarkable career of over forty years in the petroleum and related industries. His experiences include everything from cleaning the floors in a refinery to overseeing the commissioning of a huge petroleum liquids project in Australia. He has been a lowly employee, a business owner, a cog in the corporate wheel, a private consultant and an innkeeper of sorts.

What has always driven Gordon has been the quest for adventure and challenge. Any time he took a new job, he was excited by the challenge of learning his new responsibilities and then figuring out how to do his job better so that the whole enterprise he was part of became more effective and efficient.

Come and join Gordon and relive his exciting journey in the Canadian oil patch. [Read more...]

Join Me In My Travels

By Gordon D. Barnes

This book is the summation of Gordon’s extensive experiences as a “traveler”.  Throughout his life, Gordon demonstrated a habitual desire to travel. “Wanderlust” was present in him from a very early age.

In this work, Gordon writes about his personal travel experiences, observations and opinions. His intention is to offer the reader new insights and perspectives on the world we live in through his travel escapades. Gordon discusses his travels around the world on planes, buses, cars, trains and ships.  While doing so, he describes the people he met and the countries he visited, as well as those who travelled with him.

This is a must-read for lovers of travel and adventure. [Read more...]

Book Launch

Time:  2- 4 p.m. on June 28th

Place:  The Kensington Retirement Home, 3965 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC

Admission:  Free. Refreshments will be served.

You are invited to a Book Launch sponsored by AwareNow Publishing. The Launch will feature two of our authors who will be discussing their memoirs and two editors who will be talking about writing memoirs and self-publishing in the world today.


(1) Gordon Barnes was a Petroleum and Chemical Industry Executive in Canada, Australia and the United States. He has written an autobiography which includes his experiences and achievements in this field and another book on his extensive travel adventures around the world. He will be talking about both his books.

(2) Dr. Norma I. Mickelson will be discussing her book: “Herstory: A Canadian Journey”. This book is her memoir and relates her life story growing up in Victoria through the Depression Years and World War II as well as her family history and career achievements, including receiving the Order of Canada, the Order of BC and An Honorary Key to the City of Victoria.


(1) Pattie Whitehouse is a personal historian who has spent the last 20 years helping people write their life stories for their families. She will be discussing the writing of Memoirs.

(2) Rick Mickelson is a local editor and publisher and will be speaking about the wonderful possibilities involved in becoming a self-published author in the world today.

If you would like to attend this event, please email or call Rick Mickelson to reserve a seat.

Rick Mickelson
(phone) 250-893-1949

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18 Holes to Your Goals

18 HolesBy Rick Hoogendoorn

This is Rick Hoogendoorn’s second book and is being used as a fundraiser for the Family Caregivers’ Network Society, a British Columbia-based charity that helps people care for their aging adult family members. It is an inspiring work that explains in detail how people can “get on course and stay on course” in their lives. This book reveals a way to become very effective and is a “must read” for anyone striving for success in any area of their life. [Read more...]

Why Are You Upset?

Why Are You Upset?

Mr. Grace says (Blogpost November 29th) that disordered eaters indulge when they’re upset.  I ask the question: “Why are they upset?”  When you really meditate on that one, a clear answer arises:- it just doesn’t matter!  What does matter is noticing the upset prior to opening the fridge.  If you’re really addicted, even a slight irritation may pull you into unconscious snacking.  What he’s really telling us is to do nothing when emotional hunger strikes – but to do that nothing in a very specific way.  Usually we either eat the doughnut or get busy so as to forget about it.  But what if we do as Grace says and just sit down and watch the desire until it evaporates?

Paul Zoey, Golden Mountain Monastery, December 1st

Obesity Is Not About Food

Are you fat, or even a bit overweight?  Are you finding it difficult to lose weight?   Perhaps you have experimented with a few diets and tried hard to reduce calories, while exercising more?  If so, you are way off track because overeating is not really about food.

The root issue is simply a lack of awareness.  Chronic overeating is what you do when you’re feeling bored, anxious, uncomfortable, tired or upset.  Long ago you learnt that running away from emotional discomfort and into food took the pain away, relaxed you and brought you some peace of mind.  What you didn’t notice was the price you paid for escaping. 

To turn this situation around give yourself permission to eat whatever you want if you’re hungry and stop eating when your body is satisfied.  But, when you are emotionally hungry don’t eat!  That is to say (1) don’t indulge the emotional craving and (2) don’t repress it either.   Just be aware and notice how uncomfortable you’re feeling.  Stay with it.  It will pass.  To sit in your own pain just watching it – fully present in the Now is the transformation.

For more information read the AwareNow book – Permanent Weight Release: A Healing Journey.  The link is

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